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18 August 2017

Happy Days

Happy Days

Enjoying the sunshine on the farm. We had just been to gather the eggs at the hen shed  and check on Kitty's happy chickens. Who were enjoying the sunshine and playing under the trees. Next job was to get the sheep in for foot bath... family#grandpa#sister#collie#kitty#loving#farm#life#

20 April 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had nice Easter.

My day was spent delivering baby lambs it was full on in our maternity ward!

In between lambing, I created an Easter garden for our table display, which I thought, was nice!

Speak soon,


12 September 2016



Hello Everyone, look at the new hydro power we have completed on the farm to create more renewable energy... we are very excited it is up and running. Flowing water that is from the hill creates energy that can be turned into electricity.  The water is stored at the top of the hill and released from the pond which flows through a turbine at the bottom of the river, spinning it, which in turn activates a generator to produce electricity. This is a very simple way to produce energy. There is one more renewable energy project still to be completed on the farm can anyone guess what it is? xx

21 August 2016

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Never give up.. good things happen to those who wait!!

COCO the blackface sheep made the Campbell family very proud. After 56 years we finally won Peebles show our local show.

Thank you COCO for your good looks and amazing style XX

22 July 2016

Rebecca Adams "My Time At Glenrath"

Rebecca Adams

"My Name is Rebecca Adams, i am from a mixed farm in Northern Ireland. After successfully completing my first year studying BSc Agriculture with Animal Science at Harper Adams University i headed to Peebles, Scotland to stay with the Campbell Family. I spent a week on the farm following their eggs from point of lay through packing, processing, and then being dispatched for sale.

The experience gained through this opportunity has opened many doors for me, offering an insight into the poultry industry. Having organic broilers at home it was great to see the differences in laying hens.

Getting to know the Campbell family and their way of life was one part of the highlights of my week, Katy and Amy were brilliant role models to any young person wanting to succeed in the challenging agriculture industry. it was nice to see a family business being smoothly ran by closely knit family unit.

I am grateful for the knowledge and expertise shared to me throughout my week by everyone on the farm, their enthusiasm and passion is spread throughout the business. I will take valuable experience with me on into my career with the industry, thank you".