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27 October 2015

Sheep Enjoying their Tea

Sheep Enjoying their Tea

Hi Everyone,

The sheep enjoying their tea last night whilst Jim the dog chilled out on the bike. The hills are alive with purple heather in the back ground such a perfect evening. Kitty  

02 October 2015

Farm Takes High Road To Green Energy

Farm Takes High Road To Green Energy

 The farm has become cleaner and greener this week following the installation of  solar panel systems on the hen shed roof spaces.

The solar project represents one of several we have going on. So if you would like to keep up to date with what is happening next  it will all be in the diary updates.

I am committed to investing in and delivering renewable energy because of long term environmental benefits and reduced carbon footprint impact on the farm.  

We are  trying to do everything possible to act sustainably and responsibly because we love our countryside and want to keep it.

Let’s hope the sun shines and we can produce lots more green energy on the farm.


29 September 2015

Kitty Campbells Free Range Eggs £1

Kitty Campbells Free Range Eggs £1

Good Morning,

How about eggs for breakfast? Packed full of goodness ideal for a good start to your day. I always start my day with 2 boiled eggs to set me up for a big day on the farm.

Have you noticed at your local Sainsbury's and Asda you can pick up 6 Kitty Campbells Free Range Eggs at only £1!!

28 September 2015

Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon

Hello, Good Afternoon from the Farm.

We hope you are having as good a Monday as we are :)!!

Today the sun is out and both the hens and sheep are enjoying roaming around the range and relaxing.

Days like this is why


Kitty X

21 September 2015

Weekend On The Farm

Weekend On The Farm

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good weekend.

Things on the farm have been very busy with the

chickens always laying their eggs and harvest

has finally finished on Sunday evening.

Kitty and the team have been making straw from

the wheat steams which are then used for bedding

the sheep and cows over the winter to

keep them cosy and clean.  I have not had much spare

time to put my feet up over the weekend

but very happy we have made golden straw for bedding

the animals with over winter!!!